One to one

I finally had the time to give my little one Quality time just me with him. As I have an older child sometimes this is pretty difficult, mixed with activities, preschool and nap times was, before, impossible to achieve.

I finally had the opportunity to really go out with him and observe a little more his way to behave in a public place.

We went to a children Museum near by. We stay in the toddler area. He went immediately to a wall where he can open and close little doors and stayed there opening and closing doors for about 20 minutes. He was looking at the drawings behind the doors but he was more interested in the sound, different in each door, that every door did when it was closed.

– we have a book at home that has 8 buttons, each button does a different sound and If I do the sound he knows what button to push, he learned that since the begging, took him 2 minutes to memorize each button. He also knows what to do if I say a phrase like ” who’s there” he immediately goes to the little tikes house we have to ring the bell, that way he memorize the sounds-

It was a little sad to see he is really behind his peers as while he was looking at me like asking to help him in the slide – he doesn’t like to slide alone so I slide with him- a little boy 1 month younger than him was sliding and running around to climb the stairs and slide again. My little one did learn to climb the stairs that day but to slide and run byhumself around the place to find the stairs was something he just wasn’t able to do yet.

It was sad to see and accept, yes, he is behind, far behind.

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