Hearing test

So..one of the steps to diagnose or eliminate other posibilities for autism. Is a hearing test. At least at this early stage of life. ( 19 months). Just in case if the little one is deaf then maybe that is the reason he doesn’t communicate or understand or seems to be ” away” from everything. So to eliminate the posibility we were send to make a hearing test.

The test for a 19 mo old is kind of difficult. First I dunno anyone that loves to have things put on their ears. An adult or an older kid will probably keep the hands at the sides but a 19 month old will try to pull whatever it is. So the messures for the medium ear were taken but the more accurate ones were impossible.

The sounds, the doctor made tons of different sounds to check his range of hearing. We were in a silent room and I was in charge of keep him in the center of the room. So he could turn his head to the sounds. I was told not to react to the sounds and I was able to do so almost during the whole thing, exept with a really loud one that made me jump. My boy turned his face to all the sounds in different ranges. At the end of some “difficult” ones we could hear the Doctor saying : ” Good job boy” ina really specific way and rally softly.  How do I know he hear that?. oh because  my boy, the boy that doesn’t say any word and hasn’t communicate with anyone at all. When everything finished and we were walking for our coats with the Doctor at our side  said: ” od jo boy” in the same tune and way the doctor was saying it during the tests.

And I know it wasn’t me imagining because the doctor turned his face to him and asked : ” did you just say ” good job boy”? and my little one Smiled at him and walked faster …..



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